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Packy’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Feb 2007

Location: Dublin/Amsterdam, UK

MapJust got back from a weekend in Amsterdam and before that a weekend in Dublin, so i'll backtrack a little bit. I spent Wednesday to Saturday in Dublin 2 weekends ago. Travel was easy, RyanAir is cheap and they show why. Upon arriving in Dublin we had no accomadations prepared, so paid 50 cents for 2 minutes on the internet, where we came up with "Browns Hostel" for 11 euro a night, definetly the cheapest lodgings in the city/world. Again, they showed why. Quickly explaining, 15 bunk beds in a militiary like room, one bathroom, no lights/ hot water. no comforters, no turnover of sheets. Slept in jeans, sweatshirt, jacket, hat, gloves, socks, shoes. Quite an experience. Besides coming home at night, dublin was a great place. Caught the Guiness tour, very cool, best beer ive ever had. Spent most of the days just wandering through dublin, seein a few sights, basically just being nomads. One night there we talked up a local for a while and he ended up suggesting a pub for us for the night. It ended up being him and a bunch of his buddies in a small local pub, and live irish/celtic music. That was the best night of the trip, not a regular tourist story. Also went to Galway for a night just to get outta the city for a while. Better hostel there, clean(er), less cringe-worthy. Galway was nice, different crowd than the city, and got to see the landscape while in the bus there and back. This weekend was Amsterdam. Mixed reviews. The city itself is awesome. a series of canals runs throughout the city, im guessing like a dialed down venice. the red light district was hilariously disgusting, but im glad i saw it none the less. no crazy stories unfortunately. i thought it would be like some great lawless vegas, but its a normal city with a 5 block radius in the middle where anything goes, pretty weird, but mainly wayy overhyped. Its always fun to see new countries/places and make up your own mind about what you thought of it as opposed to hearing from other people. So everything continues to go well and every day is different. Feel free to email me whenever, its the easiest way to communicate, if not then i'll assume you hate me. Go bears.