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Laura’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

Location: LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!, USA

Mapoh gosh I haven't written for ages! Ok so we spent one day in LA then jumped on the greyhound to meet up with uncle david auntie jane Loz and Tom on the west coast, California. They'd hired this humungous RV camper van that sleeps 7 peeps so we jumped in for the ride! After 3 days travelling down the coast we started the journey across to the desert and Vegas! I had a lovely birthday on the 12th. We were at a nice camp site and I got taken out for a lovely dinner! We arrived in Vegas yesterday. We're staying at the Luxor hotel which is in the shape of a pyramid and has an ancient egyiptian theme-its soooooo cool! You walk in the entrance and the casino is right there! I haven't gambled yet but me and uncle dave are gona tongiht-it sucks cos you have to be 21 over here so em can't drink or gamble! The heat is so extreme! It really feels like the desert!

Today we went out to the grand canyon! It was such a good trip. We got an 8 seater plane out there and then a helicopter down to the base, then a boat up the river to a nice buffet lunch then the little plane back again! It really is one of those sights that you can't describe! Another wonder of the world to be ticked off my list! so a big thank you to mum dad uncle david and auntie jane for an awesome birthday present!

Only 8 days left! It'll be weird to be home again!