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Georgie and Wal’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Jan 2007

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapHI everyone! Wal and I have made it to the big land of the USA. The goodbyes at the airport were a little hard - Tanya tells me Mum only cried twice more on the way home!

After the 14 hour flight we landed in LA. It is very strange being the one with the strange accent....and I am still getting a grasp on this whole tipping thing.

Our first afternoon we jumped on a tour bus to see the stars' homes - must be done. Saw the houses of Robbie Williams, Dr Phil, J.Lo and saw the paparazzi outside Tome Cruise's place. The Golden Golbes were on the night we arrived so there were a lot of people in town, but alas I did not spot one on the night.

Also went for a walk down Rodeo Dr which is stunning. Tey have done this part of town very well. Unfortunately girls I did not make a purchase! Had dinner at a great little pizza place called Cheebos, I like the restaurant - Wally liked Steph the waitress!