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Georgie and Wal’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Feb 2007

Location: Seattle/Tacoma, USA

MapBeen a long time since our last update!

After Portland we made our way up to Washington state to Seattle. Here we were able to catch up with my family who live in the area. Was great to see their faces and have a catch up together. Jen and Tulsi took us out for a beautiful dinner along the waterfront where we were able to devour some long awaited fish. Also had the chance to meet two of Kayta's three boys, Andrew and Gabriel...beautiful boys.

While in Seattle we took the "Underground Tour". Very interesting. After the great fire that burnt Seattle to the ground the city was rebuilt above its previously foundation. This was due to the original setting being below sea level, therefore causing constant flooding. This tour allows you to literally go underground and see old shop fronts etc that was once the city.

Also took a walk through Pike Place market. Andrew satisfied his craving for a chilli dog while I wandered through the arts and crafts.

Then on to the Space Needle. The building allows you to take a lift up to the top observation deck that has a 360 degree view of the city. Andrew enjoyed reading about the buildings construction. I took his word for it that it was difficult!