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Georgie and Wal’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007

Location: Vancouver/Whistler, Canada

MapSeing we were so far north we decided to jump over the border to Canada and visit Vancouver as well as Whistler for some skiing.

Vancouver is a very pretty city. Only spent 2 days here but got to visit the main hightlights in the city as well as Stanley Park, Lyons Gate Bridge and Grouse Mountain.

Then on to Whistler.

Whistler...a highlight of our trip so far. We set off early in the morning to maximise our time on the mountain. Stayed for 3 nights in total. I started off with a lesson as I had not skied before. Did quite well, no falls on my first day!! Andrew being more experienced took the board and explored the mountain.

Being at different levels I stayed in my area of little runs which I conquered by the trips end while Andrew managed to explore most of the mountain and even did some runs on Blackcomb too. When we met for a drink at the end of the day you couldn't wipe the smile off his face from all the adreneline.

The mountain is beautiful, nothing like I have ever seen. We were lucky to also be there at a time when it snowed and dumped another 20-50cms.

Al good things must come to and end though and it was off to New Orleans.