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Georgie and Wal’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Feb 2007

Location: New Orleans, USA

MapBack in the USA we headed to New Orleans...with no idea what we were stepping in to...MARDI GRAS!

New Orleans holds one of the biggest Mardi Gras in the world and we happened to have our tickets booked for that very weekend. People come from all over the country just to attend. Therefore the atmosphere was buzzing.

Every day and night there are different parades alond the main streets where people literally camp out for days just to reserve their spots to see the floats.

The floats are all very colourful and the people riding the floats throw beaded necklaces to those in the crowds to catch. By the end of the night you end up with around 50 necklaces. If you are thrown a necklace and catch it, it is "blessed" so you put it on, however if you drop the necklace everyone leaves it on the ground as it is unlucky. Hence the mess in the street after a parade is incredible...beads everywhere.

While we were here we also visited one of the old sugar cane plantations, Oak Alley. There are several plantations to visit who all have their own history with the owners and slaves they bought. Oak Alley you will see in the photo as 28 Oak trees lining the walkway to the house (14 on each side) which are 300 years old. The walkway leads right from the house to the Mississippi river.

There is still alot in the city and surrounding areas that are not fixed from the hurricane. The city's population is only a third of what is used to be. Whoever you talk to in the city, the conversation inevitably ends up dicussing something about Katrina.