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KnK’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Oct 2007

Location: Winterfield Dunbar, UK

MapOkay the real story is that Charles was playing around with my wife!!! The most momentous achievement was that everyone got round before dark but the outing was devoid of some major culprits such as - no I can't name and shame but he is not a member of the westminster parliament is as far as I can dare go. Pot hunter supreme was Gavin Simpson and he has custody of Carlos Mamillanos sombrero.
Duncan Brown remains the only person to have had a h-i-1 on a MBC outing. He also remains the only person NOT to have purchased a round of bevvies for the gills and boyz - so I remind him at each opportunity. To further avoid it he failed to register this time around.
Kenny Smith was heard talking of selling up and trying tiddly winks or was it something about getting tiddly can'y quite recall the details. Kenny Roy likewise had to be given a plastic knife - just in case.
Pressies and trophies were lavished on the assembled company and we all had a smart time in bootifool weather (esp over the last 9 holes) I swore from time to time - but that is not news anymore when it comes to 'flog'. I continue to ask for forgiveness - I wonder if the yips was Paul's thorn but maybe he had a shank problem he was after all always giving 'shanks' sorry that was fit only for the Brian Robertson book of cr@p.
This update is provided to keep the unreal jambo from falling asleep while at work.
What readers need to know is that the unreal jambo while pleading lack of competence in the art of flog is a dark and mysterious horse and I would advise against playing for loot. I will report more after our scheduled game on Wednesday 14th Nov.

Hope this update satisfies dear readers.