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Jac and Jay’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2007

Location: Boring Brisbane, Australia

MapSo it's one day before we leave for the great unknown. We've managed to make lists of our required numbers (including hospitals, consulates and travel insurance people) as well as itineraries and first aid kit and stuff. So far the only thing we're missing is clean needles, but we've figured if anything happens that requires a blood transfusion we'll just get the ambulance to take us to the airport...

All negative worries aside, we've finally said goodbye to all the friends and relatives and we're ready to head off. The itinerary for the next month looks something like this:
TOMORROW - Catching the plane from Brisbane Airport to Singapore, ready for a thrilling twelve hours in the airport. Then the next morning we head on to Bangkok.

AFTER THAT - From there we're heading to our hotel for a night before catching the overnight train to Chiang Mai. We would have stayed in Bangkok a bit longer, but the Australian concerned parties felt the bombs made it too dangerous. Instead we're now travelling through many of the 36 provinces that have been under martial law since the coup last August...

AND THEN - In Chiang Mai there's the night markets (apparently the biggest in Thailand), kickboxing lessons, cooking lessons, meditation and a bunch more. Watch out for videos and photos as well as sound bites!

THEN ONWARD TO - A slow journey back down to Bangkok where we catch a plane to Sunny Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. The whole Cambodia thing is about as well planned as a Brisbane bus schedule, so keep an eye out for some crazy and probably rushed entries around then.

THEN FLOATING INTO - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon to the locals) where we visit Go Vap orphanage, Cu Chi tunnels as well as monastery after monastery after monastery.

WHICH ALL HAPPENS BEFORE CRUISING ON TO - The Mekong Delta, which offers a wealth of insanity and agricultural fun times. This is where you'll see the snorkelling photos, me fishing with the locals (a challenge from my widely travelled sister) and the like.

So, now you know where we're going, it's time for you guys to tell us where you'd like us to go. Always wanted to see a buffalo race? Spend your nights wondering what the Mekhong River border crossing is like in a canoe? Make us do it to find out!

Post your challenges on the site, and get our asses into some resemblance of motion. Look forward to going on this adventure with you all!
See you in Cyberspace,