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Jac and Jay’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Feb 2007

Location: Vietnam


We love Oscar. We could try describing what happened in the continuing saga of Oscar Jacoby, but it might be best illustrated by himself, in a series of emails we've recieved over the past weeks, since he left to meet up with some friends in Koh Pha Nang.

From: Oscar Jacoby
Tue Jan 30 16:28:48 2007
Subject: Re:

Hey guys,

Hope you are well and having a good time. Things have been a bit crazy for me the past few days. Firstly, I'm fine, and everything will be ok, but, two nights ago my small bag was stolen while I was dancing on the beach on koh phangang, which contained my passport, my cards, and a fair bit of money.
I'll be able to sort everything out, but it's a bit annoying.
Also, I finally caught up with liza and hannah that night, and am having a
great time with them. In fact, despite my better judgement, liz and i have
quickly become quite caught up in each other. I am also still loving the
islands, and there is more i want to do around here (aside from sorting out
getting new cards, passport, etc). For these reasons, and also because i feel our trip around thailand was far too ambitious for us to really appreciate any one place before we had to move on to the next, I have decided to spend more time in and around the islands, and meet up with you again in vietnam. Judging by how hard it was for me to catch up with the girls (and i had a phone back then too!), i think this will be easier on everyone than trying to catch up with you somewhere in cambodia too.

So... what are your latest plans with respect to when and where you'll arrive in vietnam and how long you'll be there? At this stage, I'm thinking of booking a flight from bangkok to ho chi minn on the 10th.

Oh, my bag also contained my sim card and my diary, so could you give me your number again for when I sort out getting a new phone?