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Jac and Jay’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Feb 2007


From: Oscar Jacoby
Sat Feb 10 19:38:40 2007

Hey guys! hope you are still well and having a great adventure! I'm afraid to say things have gone down hill again for me...

we caught a bus up to bangkok last night, and during the trip the staff went through all our bags (with padlocks on them and everything!) and stole all my money... AGAIN! by the time i realised, liz and han had already caught their bus to cambodia, so i was totally stranded without money, but i thought i'd be okay because i have a new bank card waiting for my at the australian embassy. unfortunately, when i got there (spending my last little bit of money on a taxi) i found out that the embassy is not open on the weekend!!! so i'm stuck here with nothing until monday. Fortunately there are some nice people in thailand, and the taxi driver is letting me stay at his place and giving me food until monday, when i can get my new bank card and a new passport. After that though, i'm afraid i think i might head for home- i'm kinda over travelling hey!

ONce again, sorry for screwing you round. I'll keep in touch to let you know my movements in case they change. Either way, have a great time and i'll talk to / see you soon!