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lindsey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

MapTHIS PLACE IS AMAZING. i love it. I'm broke. There are soo many shops, so much fantastic wonder katy is always dressed so bloody well!!!!!

I arrived late on Monday night, from Sydney, after leaving my bikini at Noreens. And for those of you who no me well (and especailly sophie), bikini shopping is bloody hard!! lucky managed to pick up a plain one at the airport...and it is debatable to how much it covers, but it will do!! So once in hong kong I headed straight to the hostel - Lee's hostel in Kolwoon. Basic, but clean and a great location so I was happy. I appeared to get a double room, and that was tight for space so thankfully i didnt have a single!!

Tuesday I went off exploring. It was pouring with rain which limited my activities. I got the star ferry across the harbour and wandered around the shops - getting my bearings. I managed to squeeze in a full body massage, which was one of the best things i have done ever!! In the evening I went to the night market, which was pretty cool, though I'm crap and bartering...really crap.

On Wednesday the weather was better, so I went down to Stanley to look at the markets and have some lunch. In the afternoon I wandered around the shops at Kolwoon and then got my nails done. Thing is, everything is cheap here (except all the desiginer gear and gadgets) so i spend.....

Today was a bit long, well it still is, Im flying out at 10:25pm tonight! I now can't close my bag again, so I'm wearing shorts, trousers, 3 tops and a jumper (I dont have pyjamas anymore as i had to leave them behind). It is unbelievably hot here and riciulasly humid. Bad combination. So I have resigned to stay inside with the airconditioning today, staying the cafes and shops and i got a pedicure too.... I did go for a walk but thought I was about to pass out with heat exhaustion, so gave up on that idea!!

I am meeting a friend called eilidh tonight i Bangkok, so will have a couple of weeks in Thailand with her!
must be off, lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx