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lindsey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Maphaha so now im in bangkok and im sooooo glad im with eilidh cause its actually quite scary at times! I'm not going to lie....i really don't like bangkok. But we have been keeping busy and ive had a surprisingly good few days considering i dont like it!!

I met Eilidh at the airport on thurs night, though it really was friday morning by then, and we got a taxi to ko san road where we were staying. It was packed with people selling things and just generally crazy, and to make matters worse we couldnt find the guesthouse we were meant to be staying at. After a few laps of the street with out backpacks on...we stumbled across our guesthouse (Top Inn). It was clean and had air con, so i was happy. IT SO HOT HERE. Ridiculasly so. As soon as your outside the aircon, its just constant perspiring!!

On friday we got a taxi down to the grand palace, we were told we couldnt go in as we wernt properly dressed and were bundled into a tuktuk. Never again. We went to a couple of temples, but kept being taken to tailors and jewellery shops where they try to sell you things and get angry when you dont buy. In the end I demanded we got dropped back at Ko San road. We came to Buddah View dive centre and booked all our accomidation, travel and diving for the next week. Then in the evening we went to MBK for some shopping and to see pirates 3 (which is awesome, and thankfully was in english!)

Saturday was a day at the markets...mix of the heat and the bustling crowds and it was chaos!!!! 6 hours at the market and it just about killed us. Got a few good buys but the clothes are mostly for people of a smaller we went back to MBK to continue some shopping with aircon, and saw another movie called Next. That night we got into a taxi and the driver was being a right twat...he said it was 120B and we said we wanted the meter on and he said we couldnt have it. So we argued about it and in the end got out. A lot of the taxis were saying no meter, but we met to british guys and jumped in a meter one with them...10B each.

Everytime you walk down the street people try to offer you suits or halmocks (we thought they were fishing nexts at first) and tuk tuk rides. It does drive me crazy cause they say why?why not??? and keep hassling.

Today we had to pack up our bags (a very hard task...) and dump them with Dave at the dive shop. Then had a wander around the stalls on Ko San Road. I had a thai massage today, which was really different as it focuses on presure points. Now i'm just waiting for the bus to arrive and take us away to the islands!

Beter go get ready, hope to see you all soon, lots of love