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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Jul 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Mapthought i mite just do a quick update. stayed with my mate matt in bondi for the first 3 days did 2 much shopping that i now cant really fit in my backpack then moved into a hostel on weds stayed at that hostel for a nite it was utter shit u werent allowed to drink in the hostel my room smelt funny, the room was really hot in the day and freezing at nite and only one person knew how to speak english! so checked out the next day and moved into a different hostel, soooo much better meet some fantastic people and yay u can drink there!!!!They have something happening everynite of the week so theres always something to do. on fri 6 of us got given $200 corporate tickets to watch boxing, with a 3 corse meal and all u can drink great nite that was, then last nite went to a bar called the gaff fantastic nite!!! drunk far to much, lost everyone, then got lost walkin back to the hostel but made it back alive!!! i kept meaning to put photos up but keep forgetting to take my camera cord to the internet cafes but i will remember one day!! Miss u all!!