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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Jul 2007

Location: Florence, Italy

MapHad a bit of a problem trying to get photos onto the net (the whole computers in Italian) so photos are just going to have to wait!! Well my last day in London a few of us went to the Aus NZ food and wine festival it rained most of the day but was still great fun. Got home that nite at 1am and up at 3 to get to the airport for Rome. 43 degrees in Rome so its kinda hot!!! but am now getting used to it so its not so bad anymore. Camping ground was awesome but got sick on the 3rd day dont now what from but now (4 days later) im finally feeling normal again! Meet so many great people there and are meeting up with a few of them further on in my travels. Did a bus tour rounf Rome saw all the main sights (Collosium is the only name i remember) but when i get photos up you can guess the rest! left Rome on thurs morning and stopped off in Siena for a couple of hours, unbelievably hot there they have no trees!! then carried on to Florence walked around yesterday and Shaun and Chris dropped me off at a different hostel and left so on my own for the next 1 1/2 weeks untill barcelona. Many great stories but too much to type so once i get the photos up they can tell the stories. Thats all for now hope you are all well and not to cold!!!