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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Aug 2007

Location: Madrid, Spain

MapWell where do i start, the last 3 days have been weird and wonderful!! arrived in Valencia on thurs by train, and spent the afternoon at the beach and walking round americas cup village. That night myself Carol, Suzie, Candice and Jackie (Auzzies) went out to what we thought was a nice wee restaurant, when we first walked inside there was only one other couple in there (both male) then over the corse of our meal 4 more couples came in (all men) so we finally concluded that yes indeed we were in a gay restaurant / bar. at the end of the meal the DJ gave us all a free flamming shot and you have to drink it through the straw from the bottom up after blowing out the flame. but as everyone blew out their flame it would jump to the next shot and relight it and it just so happened the flame went up the straw and into carols eyeball :) (HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!). that was basically valencia and yes we did go back to that bar at about 2am (free drinks! cant turn those down even if it is at a gay bar). On the Friday caught the bus to Madrid and the first impression of madrid?? Outside our hostel there was what seemed to be a dead guy with cops standing round him not doing a whole lot but to top it off it was right in the middle of what we now call prosty square! (i have never seen so many prostitutes in my life!!!). Yesterday went to a palace and the real madrid stadium and loved every minute of it!!! and last nite had the best nite dancing to classics such as barbie girl, you just cant go wrong with barbie girl!!! Off to san Sebastion tomorrow for a week long festival (no1 actually knows what the festivals for but there is about 15 of us meeting up there so its going to be an unbelievably long week!