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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Aug 2007

Location: san sebastion, Spain

Mapwent to san sebastion for the fireworks festival the best fireworks i have ever seen the photos i have just dont do it justice. on the second nite we were there some people came in and blew up a bus (bus driver only just made it out in time) then the were throwing cocktail bombs at the cops but there were still hundreds of people in the streets but as far as i know no1 got hurt so all is well! beaches are awesome gelatos even better ate so much i felt sick! arrived in Paris last night and going on a bike tour this evening (having the photo problem again so will find a computer that lets me upload asap. suppose i better inform you in on the bull fight i went to i have never been so disgusted in my life!! 24hours before the bull is brought into the arena it is tied up in a tiny room and is cut and feed tequilla and generally just tortured. when it comes out into the arena 6 matadors spend 10 minutes confusing the bull but jumping in and out from behind walls from different areas of the arena then a man comes out on a horse and spears the bull between the shoulders twice. after that 3 seperate matadors run at the bull and stab it with spears bout 50cm long and these stay in the bull for the rest of the fight. so basically the bull is exausted aith so much blood pouring out its back then the main matador comes out does some fancy crap then stabs the bull with a 1m sword straight into the back the bull collapses then he gets a dagger and repeatedly stabs the bull in the head and gives it a good old twirl around. it was at this point i cried and nearly threw up. hated it left after the first fight was not at all willing to see five more.
Au Revoir
ps trying so hard with the photos