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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 26 Aug 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mapwell long time i know but been so busy and i love it!!! so il try remember everthing that has happened since san sebastion. after san sebastion had a 13 hour bus ride to paris and just had a few quiet drinks at an irish pub cause andrew sam and katie were flying back to london the next day. on the friday went to Jim morrisons grave and then ate snails!!!! so good!!! and went on a bike tour of paris great fine saw alot of the sites. next day went to the lourve and got in for free we looked under 18 that day (bruges was a different story) and saw all the art work we thought to be important. Went to arc de triomph and found the most amazing pastry shop on the way ate so much we felt sick (the french no how to make pastry) that nite drank a bottle of 3 euro wine on the steps of the sacre coeur and said bye to 2 more friends nomes and janine. lots of goodbyes in two days :(. next day (sunday i think) went and watched a urban bike race down the steps of the sacre coeur it had been chuking it down to saw a few crashes the retreated back to the hotel got way to cold!!! then that nite we meet up with mal and ben!!! so good to see familiar faces!! its seems so long ago cant remember any of the funny stories to go with any of this. Tuesday went for a trip up the eiffel tower and weds got on the bus to bruges (small town in belgium, lots of beer) never in my life have i drunk so much beer in all my life and pretty much had a different type of beer every time we ordered ended up trying a chocolate beer (belgium make good chocolate and beer so adding the two together shoud be good right??) haha couldnt be more wrong cant really describe how gross it tasted, kinda nutella at the bottom of a glass mixed with beer mixed around then excess nutella removed! meet greg whos been with us eva since and is coming to (wow for the life of me can remember were im going next but i leave on weds) went on a canal ride it was a very relaxing time and found the greatest breakfast place it was the most healthy thing i have eaten this whole trip! everything organic and sooooo good!!!!! had to pay extra to get up a tower cause the lady didnt believe carol and i were under 27!!! arrived in amsterdam 2 days ago heading off to spend the day on a house boat today, went to the heinekin factory yesterday and have been doing all the normal things 21 year olds do in amsterdam (dont wana put more detail mum might get angry). still havnt found a photo place to put more photos up but am trying my best! hope all is well with everyone! BERLIN thats were im going next!!!!!!!