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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapChesky Krumlov --- the best small village ever!!!! tried re absinth for the first time, dont need to say anymore bout that. they have 2 bears wondering round at the entrance of the castle (behind barriers of corse). only spent 1 full day here but could have easily have spent more we hired a raft and got dropped off 7km out of chesky were the guide gave the 8 of us paddles and a bout puched us from the bank and said "have fun!" then got back in his car and drove off, spent the next 4 1/2 hours making our way done the river stopping off at pubs along the way, drinking, then gettin back into the boat and rafting to the next pub, so múch fun!! meet some austrians along the way that had built thier own bout out of 60 gallen drums some planks of wood they had a picnic table bbq a keg and a bottle of whisky and vodka upsidedown with tubes out of them to drink straight from them, we pulled up next to the and they shared it all with us nice guys didnt speak english but loads of fun!