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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 18 Sep 2007

Location: split and Hvar, Croatia

Mapwell well what can i say other than so many tanned naked people!!! they are everywhere! spent one night in split in an apartment with carol and greg soo good to get out of a hostel! should really start with the bus trip from Vienna to Split it was overnight and shit. had about 2 hours sleep on the bus and arrived in split at 4:30am so slept on the bus station floor (well tried to anyway it was a very cold floor)gave up trying to sleep at about 6:30 but saw an amazing sunrise because of it. then lay around waiting for 11am so we could get into the apartment. meet up with Shaun, queeny matt callum and nicola and went on a lovely walk around split to a beach the water is sooooo clear!! next day caught a ferry to Hvar it is paradise and so good to see some sun!! finally have my tan back and carols not looking so pasty for once! been doing absolutly nothing really and i couldnt think of anything more perfect although we did hire a boat and went round the islands for the day, cute little thing it was had a canopy and everything. alsoo hired a canoe and spent the whole time fighting the current but managed to get around the island and to a nice little beach, saw many more naked people. have a veryy long trip from here to munich 2moro which starts at 6:30am and doesnt finish untill about 8am the following morning so should be very interesting. OKTOBERFEST HERE WE COME!!!!!!