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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Sep 2007

Location: munich, Germany

MapOktobefest!!!!!(story has been deleted as carol was not impressed i put it up) Next night the bar was celebrating the opening of beer feast with 1200 jager shots (carol didnt drink this night) no one planned to drink much, noone but carol knows wat happened. opening day of beerfest sitting in the sun for 3 hours waiting for the keg to be broken 12pm hits and steins start flowing doesnt tak long for it to get roudy and two ppl cheers their steins together they break give carol a resonable slice in her up to which she just turns round and says "im going to pass out" as she falls backwards she did this another 2 times while josh carried her to first aid. 2nd day of oktoberfest will have to wait im running out of time. but bex my brilliant plan of staying up all night failed carols in venice im still in munich, ill explain later!!