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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Sep 2007

Location: Munich, Germany

Mapfirstly bex this is for you............... so the plan of staying up till 8am worked but the whole point was to make it on the bus to get to Venice as i promised Carol i would be on the bus! all was going swell untill i was actually on the bus it was so hot i felt soooo sick. I got off the bus to get some fresh air and the tour guide took one look at me and said "are you sure you want to be doing this its 10 hours to Venice and ull feel like shit the whole way" so as the whole bus was watching me make them wait the driver had to empty half the bus to get my bag out i felt like the biggest dick i was so embarrassed buit i can only blame myself! so went back to the hostel and asked for my key back, he just laughed and gave it to me and i went up to the room and threw up for the next hour as Muz laughed and asked if i wanted him to hold my hair back. The rest of the day was shit untill Miranda and I decided at 4pm that the best thing for us was to head back into the Oktoberfest and start drinking again (d think id learn my lesson) stayed up till 2 that morning made so many friends that nite i hated going to bed!!
Overall Oktoberfest has been the greatest time of my life i have never had so much fun and meet sooo many people also didnt realise people could get so ferral!! but its the perfect place to do so!!! I did make it to Venice a day late and meet up with carol 100 euros poorer.
last day at oktoberfest we were in a tent called haufbrau they have an area in the middle of the tent called the pig pen. within this area there is a statue hanging from the ceiling. If you are to walk under this statue and are wear underwear, no matter who you are they WILL get ripped off you. bras and undies, and thrown up onto the statue, luckily carol and i were not victoms but seems alot of people didnt know about this. I also saw the most disgusting thing i have ever seen in my life dont really wana go into the full story, it involved an Aussie, a 1/4 filled stein, #2's and drinking. u get the picture nearly made me throw up!!! i shall leave you with that lovely story to think about. miss you all in athens now not so great but greek islands will be fantastic!!!!