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Gemma’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Oct 2007

Location: Athens, Greece

MapCompletly missed out on Venice cause im such an idiot!!!! Because i got to venice a day late i only had one day there and on that day it happened to absolutly bucket it down everything flooded, buses and trains were cancelled and becuase we were staying outside Venice we couldnt get into town. Venice = average, only cause of me though im sure its really very lovely. Went to Greek Islands, Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and Ios and absolutly loved them all many many stories but people (especially my mother) would not be impressed so either not gona tell them or will censor them for you. (If u really wana know email me and i will decide if it would be appropriate to tell you) All the Islands are very quiet at this time of year but still heaps of fun, since there are only 1 - 3 bars on the island everyone left theres obviously goes to these bars so it still seems like its crowded (at night time anyway!) Ios would have to be my favourite it has beautiful weather and beaches and meet heaps of great people there. At the start of our Island tour Carol and i were opposite to everyone else so everytime everyone went out we would go to bed early then everytime we went out they went to bed. In Santorini it was a night where we were out and were drinking cheap cocktails way to fast we ended basically knowing everyone in the bar (there werent that many people in there) but managed to make friends with the bar owners wife her 2 sisters, son and nephew so ended up getting free Jager shots (not that we needed them) had to get the nephew to walk us home even though it was only 2 mins away.........story stops here for some, ive already told a select few but if u wana know just email! Didnt get much sleep in Ios a walk that usually would take 30 mins turned out taking me 2 hours as i got bored of walking, climbed a life saving tower and fell asleep, Its ok mum i had a tour guide with me they just happened to also fall asleep! Watched the game on Sat against France and 1/2 the bar were kiwis and I have never heard such a quiet bar in my life then i did when the game was over but that just ended up with a messy nite for all the kiwis as they drowned there sorrows along with the Aussies. Back in Athens now went and looked at all the ruins yesterday it was good but sorry rachy still not one of my fav places its just so dirty and smells. Back to london today and will be catching up with everyone once we get there that we have meet along the way cant wait will be fantastic and will hopefully have all photos updated to the end by the end of the week no promices but i will try!!!