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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Jun 2008

MapHave spent the day traveling. We're on anouther island now but on the other side of Thailand, near Phuket. Its a pretty nice island, i think we'll be here for the next 4 nights and then we have a flight from the mainland back to Bangkok because we refuse to get anouther 12hr bus, once in a lifetime is enough.

We went Jet skiing on Thursday which was amazing. Pretty sure i need to invest in a jet ski-best 60mins of my life. Yesterday was equally as rad- sun bakthing, freesbie icecream and a near death experience involving a rubber dingy, the ocean, me, katie, a Thai guy and the heroic Tom who had to swim in and tow us back to safety. Nice one Tom.

So basically i'll just be on the beach (if the weather permits) for the next 5days, then in Bangkok to catch the flight home. Still planning on spending the last day in Bangkok in a day spa with the girls, can't wait for it! Still having an awesome time here, wish i could stay for anouther month. Katie and Holly are trying to changer their flights so they ca fly out a week later and go to Hong Kong instead.