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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008

Location: Koh Phi Phi

Went kayaking yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately we overestimated our upper body strength (vital error). We got out to sea ok by getting back to the shore was so hard, and ths time Tom wasn't there to pull us back in.

We walked up to the view point to watch the sunset the last couple of afternoons. Phi PHi has the most amazing sunsets ive ever seen. We moved byungalows yesterday as well. We decided that since it was our last night on the island we would check into somewhere lush. We were a bungalow on the hillside and had a view over 2 bays and the mountians so it was pretty awesome- i have pics to back me up, prepare to be amazed.

Today we're catching a ferry to the mainland and staying the night in Krabi. Its our last day with the boys so it'll be uber lame having to say bye to them.
Catching a flight to Bangkok on Friday, checking into a hotel and going straight to a spa- naturally.

So this might be my last entry before i come home, not sure if i'll be on the internet again before sat. When i get back im hoping to see everyone as soon as i can. I'm not going to have a phone because mines an English mobile and has no credit anyway, and i can't affors to buy anouther till i start working again (which naturally i hope to avoid for as long as possible). So yeh i'll try to see everyone eventually.