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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jun 2008

MapIm back in Aus!

It's alrgiht, just getting used to being back and not having Katie, Holly,Wes and Tom around 24/7 to entertain me with their antics. Still can't look at my photos without tearing up, miss them an unhealthy amount at teh moment.

Thailand was flilpping amazing! Im going to go as far to say it's been the best month of my life so far. My flight home was depressing because i had to say bye to the girls, and i wsa alone for over 14hrs and was bored out of my brain. Even called the parentals house at 12pm their time cuz i needed some coversation in my life! haha greatest daughter ever.

Basically today has been a success becuase i bought 2 issues of the best Ausse mag 'Frankie', so that made my life. Hung out with some friends and did some shopping because i realised i didn't have any shoes other then a pair of cons and green flip flops. The coming week will include seeing more ppl (mainly thise who've had to work while ive bee here, unlike myself) chilling a bbq's, visiting the bro up the coast and laying on the beach (whihc is something i've actually perfected wihle in Thailand, i'd call me a profess).

Ok so the one thing i can't get over and was not prepared for when i decided to come back to Aus- there is no flipping Quorn in this country!!! (for those aussies reading this and meateaters not educated in the vegetarian life style, Quorn is the leading brand of mycoprotein food product and is sold as a health food and an alternative to meat). What kind of country am i living in?? I was actually shattered when i went into the supermarket and health food stores which both failed to stock this product which is not only awesome but basically has been sustaining me since i moved to england. What the flip and i ment to eat now. Basically my life is in ruins. Im not sure how long i'll be able to survive in a country which is obviously completely naive when it comes to the dietary needs of vegetarians. It hurts to even talk about, so im going to go.

great to be back! (minus the Quorn issue)