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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Jul 2008


This is my new Aussie phone number if anyone needs it that dosen't already have it.


So i've been home now for 2 weeks. Its slightly more normal now but none the less boring. seriously my life has gone from freaking awesome to mediocore at best. ohh no. Its my own fault because im not really doing anything right now other then seeing friends -and watching Miami Ink and Gilmore Girls which just makes me want to become a tattoo artist so i could get stars tattooed to my face liek KatVonD and no one could judge me.

So right now im trying to load some photos on face book from Thailand. I'll start doing it on my travel page as well but its taking me forever! I have 4 disc of phots just from Thailand, and thats not including Holly, Wes and Tom's photos which naturally im going to steal from their facebook. Tom and wes got back from Thailand this week and instead of having to go straight back to work like a normal people they're going sailing around Spain or something on Tom's dad's freaking boat. They are ruining my life.

I went to stay with my older bro up the coast last week which was great. Need to get away from Brissy, it does my head in. Was talking to Shan today and pretty sure we've both agreed to catch a flight to any other country asap. I suggested tomorrow but we'll see how that goes.

Just talked to kathi on skype! wheeyo. I miss my Germans.

peace. xoxo