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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Aug 2008


Yeh i still have my travel page going. Sorry i havn't got around to writing anything new lately- not alot has been happening. But Fabi is tired of seeing the same entry from 5 weeks ago, so i thought i would do something interesting on a mediocure scale.

So yesterday i went to the Brisbane Ekka Races. So for those internationals reading this the Ekka is this crazy festival show brissy puts on every year. Basically is uber Australian- i mean we actually have competitons where guys compete to see who can chop wood the fastest, or make a railway track and pretty sure there's spitting competitons. And we call this entertainment, what can i say we're a simple kind of folk in Aus. Oh and don't ask me why the freak we call it the Ekka, i have no idea, guess it stands for something.
Anyways so the races where really cool. Everyone got really dressed up and wore hats and those other random things girls put int he side of their hair. Had breakfast with some friends before we left (a good excuse to drink champas at half 8 in the morning) and then drank continuously throughout the day. Was ment to meet my boyfriend at the race track, turns out that at 11am he decided he was tired so fell asleep under a parked you do. So the police found him and told him to go home...true story. I have no idea how these things happen to him, he must possess some gift that im obviously lacking. i say that with love webber.

My English lingo is basically gone, it's killing me! I've gone from say 'oi' and 'naturally' in every sentence to saying it only when it is called for in a coversation. It's ruining my freaking life.

Ok we'll i just got a msg from my favourite German boy and i feel the need to share-

Well, I took a stroll on the old long walk
Of a day -I-ay-I-ay
I met a little girl and we stopped to talk
Of a fine soft day -I-ay-I-ay
And I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do
'Cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue
And I knew right then I'd be takin' a whirl
'Round the Salthill Prom with a Galway girl

We were halfway there when the rain came down
Of a day -I-ay-I-ay
And she asked me up to her flat downtown
Of a fine soft day -I-ay-I-ay
And I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do
'Cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue
So I took her hand and I gave her a twirl
And I lost my heart to a Galway girl

When I woke up I was all alone
With a broken heart and a ticket home
And I ask you now, tell me what would you do
If her hair was black and her eyes were blue
I've traveled around I've been all over this world
Boys I ain't never seen nothin' like a Galway girl

Thats right people it is the greatest song about the greatest Irish town that ever existed...Galway Girl. It's nearly been a year since i arrived in Galway and met Kathi for the first time in my hostel room. And then Fabi the next day in the Galway Advertiser line...good times. This time last year i was in Prague with Shan! And this year im watching the olympics in my tv room- which ok, is ALOT lamer then being in Prague but OMGosh its so freaking cool. I was watching the mens diving the other day, pretty sure those guys have more muscles in their stomachs then i do my enitre body! Note to self: get dave to take up diving.

k well the gymnastics is on so naturally i must go.