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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Aug 2008

MapSo went to Death Cab for Cutie concert on friday night, was pretty great, but naturally i have aspects in which to rant about. For instance i couldn't see the stage for more then 2 secs before some tall guy or uptight chick in heels put their head in my way. If i owned the tivoli i would def have 2 sections- one up the front for chicks in flats and those which are vertically challenged. Then all the tall dudes and annoying chicks that feel the need to wear uber high heels to a freaking death cab gig can sod off down the back.
ohh and i had the unfotunate experience of having to stand next to the most annoying person in the world. First of all she was trying to dance, i can't even begin to fully describe how irritating that is. ok, despite the fact that everyone had about 1mm of space to move making it impossible for you to breath properly let alone any sort of normal movment, you DO NOT dance to Death Cab, frankly it just should not be done. You can nod, or bop, maybe a double bop to mix it up but the feet should remain stationary. What really got me ticked off was that everytime she attempted this lame form of 'dancing' her bag would hit my arm. And this was no normal bag, half of it was metal. You probably think i'm just whinging for the sake of it (and sometimes i do, i find it soothing) but her bag was hitting me continuously for a good 2 hrs, and i couldn't freaking get away. It was like what they do to torture people where they drip water on your forehead every 3secs and after a few hrs it sends the victim crazy. That may be an extreme example but it think it fits.

Ummm so other then that i haven't done much. I've got an interview on thursday, applied for 3 more jobs this week which brings the total jobs i've applied for in the last 2.5 weeks up to 16. And I've heard back from 2, gee it's great to be home. In York it took me a month to find a job, but at least everyone would send me an email saying that they recieved my application. I can't even remeber half the places i've applied to. I've decided to re-apply to uni, i just have no idea how to do it. I've been on every web site i can think of, they make it so hard. I have some number to call so i'll do that on monday and i'm also going to a university expo thing on weds so i hope that will help as well.