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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Oct 2008

Location: Australia


I'm at work trying to find various ways to occupy my time. I never seem to have much work to do on a friday, i may have about 2 hours worth, so i basically have 5 hrs to kill. So far this morning i have read a magazine, checked some reports, went to Gj's to get a soy chai tea, sat around drinking my tea while looking busy but in reality i was on the frankie website and now i am writing a much anticipated entry on planetranger.

Things have been uber busy for me latley. I started a new job at Queensland Fire and rescure in the city. It's full time mon-fri, the early mornings are a killer! I started 3 weeks ago and still haven't been paid because of accounting stuff, so i'm living off $15 till next weds which is not fun. First thing i'm going to do when i get paid is get a hair cut- i have the whole birds nest look happening at the moment. The parentals have been in Europe for a month so i've been driving around my little brother to work and school everyday.
I went to the races last weekend for my friends b'day. I bought a really pretty dress for it so i'll put some pictures up tomorrow. Dave got his new tattoo on weds- it's around his upper arm (where his bicep would be if he had them, hehe) of 3 charaters fromt eh cartoon 'Tin Tin'. I put some pictures up of the characters because i have no idea if the Germans would have even heard of Tin Tin, so they're especially for Fabi and Kathi. Oh and i forgot to take pics of me at my touch game on monday so i'll try to remember this week.

So i better get back to giving the illusion that i'm actually doing work. I'm thinking i'll just move stuff around my desk for awhile, and then walk around the office at a fast pace.