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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Oct 2008

Location: Australia

MapOne of my favourite bands- Stars, is coming Brissy in January! Naturally i have already bought 2 tickets, the only problem is finding someone to come with me because none of my friends know them. I'm not going to ask just anyone because i refuse to go with someone who will not fully appreciate the raddness that is Stars. Not to worry i have several months to screen people.

So all of my Germans (including james) are together in Gottingen at the moment for Kathi's house party last weekend. It sucks so much that i can't be in Germany with them...sigh. I'm hoping that if i can keep my temp office job for a while longer i'll be able to save enough money to go back over in 2010. James will be in Aus next April and Kathi and Fabi may be able to afford to come over next year as well!

Nothing noteworthy is happening here atm. I've got an insane amount of work hours for the next 2 weeks, i have no idea why i have 2 jobs. And on that note i'm going on a lunch break.