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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Jan 2009

Location: Australia

MapMy favourite Irish guy (James) is leaving today for his world trip! He arrives in Australia in April! Which is amazing because i'm def lacking irishness in my life.

I've decided to come back to Europe in 2010! My bank account says otherwise but I've never let that stop me before. So i baiscally have 12months to pay back the parentals and save enough to get me to England. Then the plan is to mooch of my awesome, uber generous friends ( which they will love). so now I have 2 awesome things to look forward to.

So right now i'm at work, eating nutrigrain for breakfast out of those zip lock plastic bags...classy. I'm having serious probolems with my coffee this morning. i can not seem to get it the way that i like it. I've had 3 attemps, but now i've accepted that for today my coffee is just going to taste mediocre.

Well i better go do some work, apparently that's what i woke up at 6am to do.