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lauren/ lala’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Feb 2009

Location: Australia

MapJames has decided to take me on in 'who can get the most tanned' competition- MISTAKE. Obviously i am going to win this, other then the fact that i live in Australia and he is currently in the US (and i believe it is winter or snowing or something there), I plan on going to the beach every weekend till it gets too cold to wear a bikini. Actually i may just wear a bikini at all times, quit my job and take up surfing as an occupation. Game freaking on James.

So that's pretty much all the exciting stuff going on atm. This weekend i am staying in a penthouse apartment at the beach for my friends b'day which will be rad.
I'm still working at queensland fire and rescue, i have 3 more weeks of work left and then i have to get a part time job. Uni starts in March, i've chosen all my subjects and hopfully i will only have to go 1.5days a week. Can't wait to be a uni bum again. arrgh yeh.

well i should do some work seeign as i've spent my morning reading James planet ranger, drinking coffee and planning my uni subjects.