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Mike’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007

Location: Mahe, Seychelles

MapOk so its been a fair while since my last entry and i am putting that down to computer problems. the internet in the seyshelles was like a love child of AOL dial up and the US postal service. I wasnt waiting two and a half hours for my pics to upload. anyhoo now that im back it relative civiliastion and a decent internet service i thought i would have another crack at this. so far so good. right, down to business. i think i wrote my last entry just as i came back from the satalight camp on the final week of the first five weeks of the phase. That was the satarday, it had been a long day since we had been up since six in the morn in order to make the 3hour hike across the island to the port, where we would be getting the boat back to mahe, before it got to warm. the 6am start came a s a bit of a shock to the system as over the week we had been sleeping in a bit, 8am, awaking most mornings only to the smell of freshly made porridge and the sound of the early beach walk volunteer returning. so it was evn more of a shock to be thrust back into normal camp life on sunday. i dont think i fully got back into the flow of the early morns till about the wednesday. The few days prior had gone in a flash. it was party time due to it being the final days for the first 5 weekers, a few birthdays amoungst the staff and the End of 5week BBQ where we got our first helping of red meat since being on camp. soo good! after the barby we all had a few drinks round the picknick tables and told stories of the previous month, little did we brave few who were staying on for the long run, know what we were getting ourselves in to.