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Mike’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Mar 2007

Location: Mahe, Seychelles

Mapi felt i had to start a new entry for the new 5 week group arriving simply because they could not of been more diffrent from the previous months group if they had been from mars. in fact after the first weekend, with the Pole dancing and numerous other antics fuelled by copius amounts of vodka, gin, rum and a few bottles of other duty free, we wernt quite sure where these people had come from. right from the first moment we met them, the six of us that were left on camp had been sent out to do the wednesday chorse, turtle surveys and plankton collecting, iinsidently this was one of the clearest days i had seen. visibility in the water exceded 30mtrs and snorkling in water that clear is an experience that will stay with me, i knew that our sleepy camp was going to get a harsh wake up call. Dont get me wrong though, it was far from all happy go lucky fun and games. whereas pretty much evrybody in group one was there on an expedition to do a bit of work for the good of the enviroment, the second were there on holliday. so working long days, 6-6, eating mostly pasta and lentils and attending classroom lectures to learn the 14 famillies and 47 Genus of corals that we were studing, seemed all a bit to much like hard work when all they really wanted to do was sunbathe. something that was stricktly forbidden for the first group, many things changed it the second part of the phase, there were more people on site for one, which actually made doing jobs a lot harder. when a duty group contained only three people there was no where to hide, it was blatently obvious if you werent pulling your wieght, so everyone did. and things just worked. now when there was five or six people to do one job it became a lot easyier for people to slack and for people to miss thoes who were carrying others. tensions grew as you would expect. some people bucked thier ideas. some left, one didnt care what people thought of him and continued to sunbathe. but eventually a system grew and it began to work again.