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Mike’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Mar 2007

Location: Mahe, Seychelles

Mapby the end of the phase we had some stories to tell. most of which will probably never leave the group. but all in all it was a good final 5 weeks. we had finished it off with another BBQ, this time cooked by the local caretakers, never tasted a BBQ so good, and a night of festivities ranging from limbo dancing to cross dressing. a great night but nothing could of beaten our final night on camp. a heavy rainstorm had been battering the ground for a long time before the thunder had started. it wasnt to loud but it was getting closer. little prepared us however for the large fork lightning strike followed by the boom of an exploding generator. the generator which powered our base. So after cooking by torch light on the gas stoves and killing half an army of killer Gaint ants, we all got ourselves a slightly warm beer, fridge wasnt working ofcourse, sat round the candle lit picknik benches an regaled each other with stories of the past 10weeks. and then we sang some songs, all performing our respective national anthems. And it struck me, standing on the table as the lone scot doing "o flower of scotland" justice, with the candle light bouncing off of the faces of the people i had spent every waking minuet of the last 3months with, that it was finally coming to an end. i had learned a lot over the period and met some amazing people which i hope to stay in touch with and will no doubt cross paths with again soon. yep it was definately worth it in the end!!