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Kelsey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Feb 2007

Location: Bangor, Wales

MapHi again :)

Not alot has happened since the last post. I'm pretty much done with my first week of classes. I couldn't get into the sports leadership class because it was full. I've spent alot of my time wandering around Bangor and it seems like I walk down to the Pier every other day or so. Tuesday night a large group of us went down to Yellow Pub for a couple drinks because it was a pint for a pound night, and it's pretty hard to find prices that good. Last night a few of us made frozen pizzas and watched movies. Six of us will be going camping at the bottom of Snowden this weekend and staying at a campsite, so I'll definetly have to post something after look out for that early next week. And while we were watching movies we decided it would be a good idea to try and set up one of the tents in Mel's tiny room to get a feel for how many people we could fit in one. Once assembled it was transported to my room, and it is sitting right next to me at the moment actually...just trying to get into camping mode I guess. I seriously contemplated sleeping in it last night, but there's a little bit of nature left in the bottom from the last user so I decided against that. Next week should have more to do for school. I've been surviving on oatmeal, eggs, apples and bread because I have discovered how extremely lazy I am. Ok well I think thats all for now.... :)