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Kelsey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Feb 2007

Location: Llanbris, Wales

MapSo...I should probably still be camping right now, but we definetly pansied out of the second night. Friday morning we went to Serendipity 2, its like where all the clubs on campus set up booths and you go and sign up for things you're interested in. I ended up signing up for netball, swimming (even though I probably wont end up doing that one...), snooker and pool, and I'll also end up going to ultimate frisbee I'm pretty sure. Right after that we came back to our rooms to get packed up so we could catch the bus at 1:45. Had to take down the tent in my room. We had to go downtown to catch the bus, but we made it....then as we were leaving Bangor it stopped really close to our dorms to pick up we didn't actually need to walk as far as we did to catch the bus but oh well it was funny. When we got to Llanbris we found our campsite pretty quickly, it was at the top of a pretty steeep hill. And it was really just a field on a hill. There were sheep in all the other fields and everything too. We set up our tents and everything then went back down to town to get food for the night. After we got back we had to gather fire wood, which was actually kind of difficult since all the wood was wet. We found a big dead branch in a field with sheep and had to hop the fence to get to it. We made soup for dinner and I kept losing the spoon in the pan. And everyone was making fun of me, but then when it was Mel's turn to heat the soup she did the same thing, so it wasn't just me. That night we just hung out by the fire, and it was really cold. The next morning Tyman decided he'd had enough and didn't want to hike or camp anymore so he caught the 9 o'clock bus back to Bangor. The remaining four of us set off for Snowden. I pretty much sweated the whole way up, but it was worth it. Really nice scenery. I felt like I was on one of those maps that has the bumped up terrain. Anyways, it took us about 2 hours to get to the top, an hour less than we thought itd take and another hour and a half to get back down. Once we were back at camp I'm pretty sure we were all shot. We made the best decisions of our life by packing up and catching the bus back rather than staying another night there. When we got back to campus I took the longest hot shower and just sat there until the water was just about to the door of my bathroom. It was amazing. And now it's sunday and I'm just resting up for this next week I guess. Might go watch some volleyball later and am going to play some pool tonight. I'll get some pictures up from camping really soon.

:) Kelsey