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Kelsey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Feb 2007

Location: Conway Centre, Wales

MapHi again...

Second week of class is nearly over. I have two classes today and then I will be done. I ended up dropping my psych sport class because it seemed entirely too difficult and most of the class had taken an intro class leading into it. Instead I will be taking intro to sports leadership and it actually sounds like it will be really fun. Tuesday was my first day of Outdoor Pursuits and we did High and Low Ropes courses. It was really fun. My group is ten of us from america since its not a class open to Bangor students. The first "challenge" we were given was, once we were paired up, there were two wires running along side one another, but as you got further down the wire, they got further and further apart. I was paired w/Becca and we are by far the shortest people from our group. You have to lean on one another for balance and Becca and I nearly made it to the end and only one other group got further and both people in that group were like six feet tall. The high ropes course was pretty similiar to the one at Pine Lake, but we got to belay for one another. I only belayed once and I did it for mel. You are clipped to a wire on the ground, but shen she came off the wire I was pretty much lifted off the ground, which was funny, but kind of distracting. I did the high catwalk, just a log between two trees, but it was ridiculously high up. Once I got up there I was supposed to walk across to the other tree and there's nothing for you to hold on to. It took me a while to get away from the first tree, but after that I was good to go. We did a trapeze thing next where you go about 60 feet up a tree and stand on a little plank. Out in front of you is a trapeze that can be adjusted to how far you want it from you. I went for it even though I knew I probably wouldnt be able to reach it and completely missed the bar my first time, but it was fun to just jump out there. I went again right after that and moved the bar a little closer. This time I got my hands completely on it, but they were really cold and I slipped off. Oh well....We made it back to school around 4:30. It was really a fun day and next week we are supposed to go kayaking or canoeing or something w/water permitting I guess. It snowed here a little last night, not a lot, but it's still snow :)