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Kelsey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Mar 2007

Location: Liverpool, UK

MapHello :)

This Friday Mel and I went to Liverpool just for the night. We caught a train Friday morning and arrived around noon. We found our hotel right away which was nice compared to the weekend before in London. We were in a nice hostel called the International Inn. Friday afternoon we just wandered around the city and went in some shops. It was a nice city and my Let's Go Travel Britain travel book was actually very helpful. That was where we found our hostel and it helped us find some really good cheap restaurants. On Saturday we had to check out at 11. Since Liverpool is the birthplace of the Beatle's we went to the Beatle's shop and the Beatle's story. There is a large general "Magical Mystery Tour" for the beatles where you get on a tour bus with about 40 other people and get a tour of the major places related to the Beatles. Mel and I had found out about a different tour that is run by a guy that takes you around in his eight passenger mini van. This tour is supposed to be pretty famous and since it wasn't high season, like summer, we were able to arrange a tour with him. Since some people didn't show up there was just four of us on the tour. We started at 3:30 on Saturday and had to catch our train at 6:10. If we didn't make the train we weren't going to make it back to Bangor that night. The tour was really fun. Mel and I got to sit right in front. We saw where each of the Beatle's were born and learned about their history. We went to some places that had songs written about them. We saw where Paul McCartney had originally met John Lennon. It was fun and Phil, our tour guide, was really cool and showed us other parts of Liverpool as well. We got to the train station at 6:06 and had to hurry to get to our train. We arrived back in Bangor around 9. Overall it was a very nice little outing. Now we just have to make our plans for spring break...