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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Feb 2007

Location: Henderson, New Zealand

MapSorry I have not put up any photos yet. I was going to just now but realised I either bought the wrong kind of card reader or I am missing something. I have taken 390 photos on one card and now on my 1GB card.

I am in Henderson today. We came to Henderson on Saturday. It is not far from Auckland and we are staying with a man and working with a wheel barrow and spade digging up white indian ginger from his woodland. We stay in a separate cabin at the bottom of the garden with no electricity but we have got a gas light and stove if we need one, and a composting toilet. On our first day we were taken to a place that could be very close to paradise. His family own some land on a beach and it is very peaceful and picturesque. The waves were huge and I had a little go on a boogie/body board. We have been eating interesting meals from vegetables from his garden and last night we had stuffed squid cooked in a fire we had on the lawn. He had suggested taking us on his yacht as we are going to go up the coast with him tomorrow but the weather is not sounding very good for sailing. At the moment we are trying to find a van we can travel in, and then we will head up north.