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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Feb 2007

Location: Kaikohe, Northland, New Zealand

MapSorry short entry again. Staying at another farm stay at the moment in a very beautiful area. Actually we are not staying on a farm - not sure how to describe it but there is a bit of woodland and small tree nursery. We don't seem to need to do much work and we are living with a few men who are mostly smoking weed and all they eat is ice cream. So yesterday I thought I better cook some drop scones. We probably stay for another day and then hopefully go to a real farm with sheep and cattle before we go back to Auckland.

On Saturday we took a bus tour to Cape Reinga (the very North of New Zealand). We learnt lots of interesting things on the tour from the driver. We apparently went to the shop selling the biggest ice cream in New Zealand (and it was quite cheap at $1.50). Some of the stops were quite short and we more or less hopped off then on the bus again. Went sand taboggonning down the dunes. The bus drove along 90 mile beach (actually 64km - Captain Cook had estimated it to be 90 miles). Along the beach there was a fishing contest for the biggest Snapper, which was on its fifth and final day. We met some men in a pub later and they had been fishing for the five days and not caught a single snapper. A few of the men were sheep shearers and I was offered a job winding wool for $18/hr, also in Australia, however we are heading back South again now. Some young girls in the bar wanted to pick a fight with us apparently too as they are a bit territorial up here and thought we were onm their patch.