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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Mar 2007

Location: Coromandel, New Zealand

MapIn Coromandel hopefully for the last day as we have been here for a while now. Our van failed on a few little things on its WOF (MOT equivalent) last week so it is being fixed today. We came to Coromandel over a week a go and worked for one week at a lady's Bed and Breakfast. I have been doing alot of gardening. Mainly we have been able to work in the morning then we go somewhere in the afternoon. In her garden she had lemon, orange, peach and fig trees. On Friday we left Coromandel and went to the North of the Penisular and camped in our van at Fletchers Bay. The scenery on the way was very beautiful but I had to keep a careful eye on the road. The roads are very rough, unsealed, wind up and down mountains and one mistake you could end up off the cliff into the sea. The New Zealanders are use to the roads though and drive like on Dukes of Hazard and when they drive by you are left with a cloud of dust for the next km to drive through.

On Saturday we walked from Fletchers bay to Stony bay then back again. On the way we saw plenty of Possum traps. Later that evening we were invited to a party as someone was celebrating their birthday. There was a guitarist playing and singing who played Tom Jones for us. We had some good food to eat - some lamb and some fish they had caught that day. Sharron played her harmonica with the guitarist in front of her first audience. Not sure what time we went to bed. On Sunday we then went to Colville and went horse riding. I rode Red who I was told was sometimes a bit of a challenge - now and again it would try and bite the other two horses. The horse trek was very good we rode through the farm which had lots of Hereford cattle and I think I was more interested in the cattle than the horses.

We should be heading to Hot Water Beach later today where we have to get our spades out to dig a bath.