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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Mar 2007

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

MapWe eventually left Coromandel after getting the van fixed - but it still seems to creak alot at the end of a the day. We have had rain at last on our trip and quite alot of it. First after Coromandel we went to Hot Water Beach where we dug a round bath hoping to get some hot water. We ended up having an audience having people filming us digging our hole as most were too lazy to do it themselves - however I think we had more fun.

Then we drove to Hamilton and stayed with a couple for one night who we had met at a party on a campsite a couple of days before. We went to Raglan yesterday but it was very stormy weather so Sharron couldn't do any surfing. We headed down to Waitoma last night and went black water rafting in the caves this morning. We had to jump backwards into a river and landing onto the water sat in our tyres and did this a few times in the dark caves. We floated down the caves on our tyres looking at glow worms. Also went to the Shearing Shed to see an Angora rabit being shorn. Then went to Te Kuita the shearing capital of the world but we were to early for the shearing contest at the end of March. Now we are in Rotorua where it doesn't smell too nice.