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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2007

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

MapSharron and I have been picking Braeburn apples the last two days. We managed to pick 7 crates between us yesterday and today 8. We were glad to have been moved to a place with better fruit to pick later this morning. It seemed that I was up the ladder in the trees most of today. It is quite heavy work as we have a basket strapped on our shoulders hanging down our front, and up standing at the top of the ladder with the added force of gravity it is fairly heavy. We were told this afternoon that we were doing OK for girls. Tomorrow our target will be 9 perhaps. We end up looking quite black at the end of the day from the apples - the apples are later washed which is a good thing to know. It is quite sad to know that about equal to what we pick is wasted on the floor as any apples with a bit of blemish, wrong shape, slightly bruised, or with pink spot are not used. It seems a big waste - I thought it could be used to make cider or we could pick second class apples as well. Also moving our ladders and picking the apples causes alot to fall on the ground.

As we have been camping out in the orchard with no washing facilities last night we went swimming at a nearby pool after work so we could have use of a shower. So we be swimming every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when the pool is open to use its facilities. Sadly it is closed during April so we will have to think of something else.

On Saturday night we stayed at a campsite and Sunday we walked to Cape Kidnappers where we saw the world's largest land colony of gannets.