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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Apr 2007

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

MapI think I am getting fewer bruises now from apple picking and perhaps I ache a bit less as my shoulders and arms are probably getting stronger at lifting ladders. Today we were picking Fuji apples (not sure how the variety name is spelt but that is how it sounds or 'Foo-Jee'). They are apples for the Tiawanese market and we get an extra $5 dollars a bin for them. Also yesterday we picked some apples called Jazz. We have been working everyday but yesterday (Sunday) we finished at midday and today we also knocked off early at 3pm.

Everyday we start work at 7am and Sharron and I have a routine in the morning of making our porridge for breakfast and converting our van from bed to be able to travel in. We should not be going to the doctors with the amount of apples we are eating. I have been stewing apples to go on our porridge (and this morning we had apple and blackberry) and we are eating our second apple crumble. What could be worrying is the amount of chemical residues that could be going into our bodies as I think the apples are sprayed quite alot.

It has still been quite dry. Yesterday afternoon on our way to the beach we saw lots of hungry cattle in the fields and they were being given hay to eat.

There are so many dairy cattle in the fields and it is probably why ice cream here is fairly cheap. However milk seems to be more expensive to buy but cheese seems to be cheap. We eat alot of cheese (just about in all our meals apart from porridge) and a kilogram block could cost about $6.

Haven't seen too many sheep but it is mainly a fruit growing area. We were told when we were in Colville that the sheep trade at the moment was not very good because of the droughts in Austrailia. The farmers are trying to get rid of their sheep in Austrailia because there is not enough water for the sheep and have been selling them at markets for a dollar which have caused New Zealand sheep prices to fall.