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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Apr 2007

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

MapWe are have been picking just Pink Ladies the last week and these are the money making apples that we get $37 a bin for. Pink Ladies are sent to the UK and they are the variety that the orchard makes there money on. The Braeburn is worthless apparently as it is no longer fashionable and for a hundred apples of Braeburn the orchard grower may get $2 whereas for Pink Ladies they get $35. The Pink Ladies however easily bruise so we have to be very careful when picking. Yesterday we picked our record number of ten bins and we even finished at 5pm. Most other pickers on the orchard are Indian and they have been pickers most of their lives and the most number of bins from one person for yesterday was 9 bins (so they do twice as many bins as us). There must be some rich apple pickers out there but I don't think I will have a career in it for much longer. We only worked a half day today and tomorrow (Sunday) we have the day off too so we will have to think of something to do as we had thought we would be working. Wednesday is Anzacs day so we will have Bank Holiday then too.