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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jul 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapI stayed in Melbourne longer than I had expected. I stayed in a hostel which had quite a few activities going on - played in a Pool competition and got to the semi-final but no better than that. Went to see the MCG stadium to see the Wallabies against the All Blacks. I was sat between Jimmy an Australian and Aaron from New Zealand and I think I might have been on TV as the camera went over to them. I didn't think the game was that good though as there wasn't much action. New Zealand were leading but Australia won in the end. The next day I hired a car with Paul, a Dutchman, and we travelled the Great Ocean Road. We saw kangeroos on a golf cours at Anglesea and Koalas at Kennet river. Most of the koalas were high up in the trees but one was on the road. We met most tourists at the 12 apostles lookout busy taking photos. Unfortunately Paul got stopped by the police for speeding which delayed us a little bit. I admit the car was quite easy to drive fast but Paul was a bit of a crazy driver and he still speeded away after being caught by the police. On Monday I went to the Casino in Melbourne and lost a $1 in a machine.

Tuesday I had a lift to Sydney in a 6 sleeper caravan with 2 Irish couples and an Isralie who had been in a sumbarine for five years. We set off quite late and stopped overnight at a petrol station in Liverpool then arrived in Sydney the next morning. I had a brief walk by the Sydney Opera house yesterday but I shall go again without my large backpack this afternoon. This morning been on the famous Bondi Beach - wish I had brought my swimming costume because although it is winter here the weather is still hot.