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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Jul 2007

Location: Bondi Beach, Australia

MapI had another walk from Bronte to Bondi beach this morning. No wonder Australians wins so many gold medals in athletics as everyone seems to be out exercising. The waves are really huge and there are several surfers out. Yesterday I travelled from Coonabarabran to Sydney and this afternoon I take a 14 hour journey to Brisbane as I start work there on Monday. I shall be working at Catapult Genetics for about a month and then I shall be working in Armidale at the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit. I have had four job offers in the last couple of days. It is very warm in Sydney - well compared to Coonabarabran it is. Better get on with room hunting is Brisbane - the reason why I have come on the internet today.