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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jul 2007

Location: Brisbane, Australia

MapNearly done my first week at work. I am doing some researching on genetic markers which means reading alot of journal articles. I am working at Catapult Genetics who do various DNA tests for sheep and cattle, such as finding out whether animals have desirable DNA that would result in for instance extra lean meat yield, marbling or tender meat.

I arrived in Brisbane on Sunday after a 14 hour train journey from Sydney. Got to Brisbane at 6.30am in the morning having had very little sleep. I think I tried every position possible in order to try and find a comfortable way to sleep but I didn't find one. I walked around the streets of Brisbane most of the day trying to find somewhere to stay. Ended up going to a hostel near to the station I had arrived at and I am still there. Wasn't intending to stay in the hostel but there is very little choice so I am still there. Unfortunately the kitchen is not very good at all so I am not eating very well. The first morning I opened my locker door and it was full of ants. At least I haven't seen any rats yet like the kitchen in Coonabarabran. There are a couple of other girls in my room who also are longtermers who are working in Brisbane who seem quite nice so make the hostel a little easier to put up with. I take the train to and from work and alot of people seem to be reading Harry Potter. Have alot of school children on the train and I am quite glad that I didn't have an uniform like theirs. The uniforms I have seen seem to be quite old fashioned and some quite bad colours with stripes. They all seem to wear blazers, long socks, boys wear shorts, and some have straw hats.

I have mainly gone to the same places in Brisbane so far. After work I walk from Central Station up the main Queens Street then to South Bank to the Library, then to the hostel. It is quite a nice atmosphere walking through the streets as there are quite a few cafes and bars with seating outside with sometimes live music. Even though its winter its warm and sunny. I don't understand some people with scarfs and warm coats on but I suppose it gets much hotter in the summer.