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Tracey’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 Aug 2007

Location: Byron Bay, Australia


I am in Byron Bay. Came here this morning and I am here for the weekend and then back to Brisbane to work for one more week. Then I go to Fraser Island driving over the sand dunes and camping with the dingos, then back to Brisbane and directly to Armidale to start my next job.

I have left the Brisbane suburbs where I watched kangeroos everyday at the bus stop. Met two kangeroos on one dark night walking home on my path but they fortunately didn't fight with me. Last night I returned to the hostel I first stayed in when I arrived at Brisbane. Now I can experience a bit more of the brisbane night life as I don't need to worry about getting a bus home. So I went out with Emma who I had met the first time I stayed at the hostel and we went out for a few drinks and danced a little.

Tomorrow I shall go kayaking and perhaps the dolphins will come and say hello, and I am hoping I might glimpse a migrating whale.

Can't remember the last time I wrote but last weekend I went to the Gold Coast and met my cousin Marlon and stayed with him and his family in his very grand house. Took an exciting trip on the boat to an island on Saturday and had a barbeque in the evening.

Just been told have to go

so bye for now